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Fundraising and Donor Privacy
Policies and Procedures


Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Monroe County government and other related groups to provide shelter, food, care, adoption and health services to stray dogs and cats. All donations solicited on behalf of MCFA shall be used to further this mission and follow the policies and procedures outlined below.

Fundraising Policy

Funds shall be solicited in a respectful manner and without pressure. All third parties not directly affiliated with MCFA who wish to solicit funds on behalf of the organization must acquire written permission from the MCFA Board of Directors prior to beginning any fundraising activities. Donor designated restrictions on contributions shall be honored. A written request should be made back to the donor if the restricted donation cannot be honored, either for a donation substitution or returned to the donor. MCFA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and contributions made to the organization are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Written tax receipts will be offered to donor for all donations. If the donor receives anything in exchange for their donation, such as a dinner or event admission, the tax receipts shall clearly state what portion of the donation is tax deductible.

Fundraising Procedures

Upon receipt, all monetary donations shall be deposited and records of the donations will be forwarded to the Treasurer for coding and recording purposes. After funds have been accounted for by the Treasurer, a written transmittal and any other correspondence accompanying the gift shall be circulated to the various corresponding chairs. These chairs are: General donations, Membership, Sponsor a Puppy and Second Chance Pals. Donations are acknowledged by these corresponding chairs. All donor-designated restrictions shall be communicated to the Treasurer so that they may be recorded and governed appropriately. All requests for donors to remain anonymous shall be honored by flagging the gift in the donor database as appropriate.

Donor Privacy Policy

Any information supplied to MCFA by donors will be used solely to fulfill their donation and shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information. All request to remain anonymous shall be honored. MCFA does not sell or share donor lists. Donors who supply MCFA with their postal address or email address may be contacted periodically for solicitation purposes and/or with information regarding upcoming events. Donors may request to be permanently removed from MCFA's mailing list by contacting us via email, phone or postal mail. All requests to be removed from MCFA's mailing list shall be honored. Donors who supply MCFA with their telephone number shall only be contacted by telephone regarding donations they have made. Any personal information of donors, such as credit card numbers will be shredded after recording the donation.


Monroe County Friends of Animals | P.O. Box 106 | Vonore, TN 37885
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