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February 23, 2018:

Monroe County Mayor Praises SNAP and MCFA
in World Spay/Neuter Day Proclamation

Organizations help reduce cat and dog euthanasia rate at county animal shelter
by 88 percent in 8 years.
MADISONVILLE, Tenn: Tim Yates, Monroe County, TN signed a World Spay Day Proclamation that proclaims the positive results of the work SNAP (Spay/Neuter Assistance for Pets) and MCFA (Monroe County Friends of Animals) have done in Monroe County.

“I appreciate all SNAP and MCFA have done in helping reduce the number of homeless and stray dogs and cats in Monroe County.” Yates said as he signed the World Spay Day Proclamation in his office in Madisonville, TN on Thursday February 27.

Evidence of how important SNAP and MCFA are in reducing the euthanasia rate at the Monroe County Animal Shelter is reflected in a comparison between the peak rate euthanasia rate in 2009 to the euthanasia rate in 2017. The shelter euthanasia rate was reduced by 88 percent from 4000 animals in 2009, to only 405 cats and dogs in 2017.

“SNAP provides more than 1100 free spay/neuter surgeries a year for Monroe County residents.” Said SNAP President Mike Cleverdon. “Every SNAP surgery helps a low-income family. It eliminates the extra cost of unwanted litters, stabilizes the family pet care budget and enables some families to keep a beloved pet.”

In 2017 MCFA provided almost $100,000 to the Monroe County Animal Shelter in food, medical care, rescue transportation and supplies, and more than 42,000 volunteer hours at the shelter. In addition, MCFA is a supporter of the work SNAP does.

Walt Marshall, MCFA president says, “We were very excited to give $16,000 to SNAP this past year for spay/neuter surgeries, and we will continue to support SNAP in the Future. The combined efforts of MCFA and SNAP have reduced the euthanasia rate 88 percent at the shelter.”

More about SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance for Pets,) Monroe County, TN

SNAP is a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to reducing the number of euthanized stray and unwanted animals in Monroe County, TN by providing low-income residents with free spay or neuter vouchers for their pets.

SNAP offers free vouchers to qualifying families for a spay or neuter procedure at participating local veterinarians or spay/neuter clinics. PPAW Spay/Neuter Clinic, Low Income Assistance participates in the SNAP program.

More about Monroe County Friends of Animals: MCFA is a not-for-profit volunteer organization with 501(c) (3) status located in Monroe County, Tennessee.

This group was created in 2004 by concerned citizens who recognized a dire need existing throughout the county for animal welfare. The main thrust of MCFA's mission is to support the Monroe County Animal Shelter both monetarily in animal rescue efforts and with hands-on assistance in the shelter. In addition, MCFA provides other community services through its volunteers' network.


February 3, 2018:
Monroe County Sheriff Tommy Jones and his K9 Squad deputies and dogs provided a demonstration on of the prowess of the dogs in detecting drugs and the tracking and apprehension of suspects. The demonstrations were given at the Monroe County Animal Shelter in order to raise public awareness of what the Sheriff's department is doing to fight the opioid epidemic and to raise awareness of the fine dogs and cats at the shelter that are available able for adoption. Sheriff Jones also spoke to attendees about the high correlation between those who abuse cats and dogs and who eventually abuse and hurt humans. He pointed out because of that correlation it is important to report those who abuse and torture animals.
In a dramatic demonstration, Monroe County Sheriff Tommy Jones plays a suspected criminal as one of his department's K9 dogs demonstrates what happens to bad guys who try to run.

Click here to see a brief video of the demonstration: Video

July 17, 2017:
May 19, 2017:

Max A Pooch to make greenbacks
magically appear in a pail
at "Faces of Rescue Gala"

TELLICO VILLAGE, Tenn. - April 24, 2017 - "We're pleased Max A Pooch will be at our upcoming Gala for the Monroe County Friends of Animals," said Susan Kimball, Chair for the event which will be held May 19 from 6:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. at the Tellico Village Yacht Club.

For full story go to

April 15, 2017:
Deb Moore and Susan Kimball were guests of Claire Moxim on the most recent episode of Pets and Their People. By the way Pets and Their People is one of the most viewed programs on Tellico Village Broadcasting.

Deb discussed many of the facets of what the volunteers MCFA do and Susan discussed the upcoming Gala. You can watch the program on line by clicking this link

March 26, 2017:
In the latest episode of Pets and Their People Claire Moxim interviewed the director and communications associate as guests. Since their founding they have rescued more than 900 horses, and they handle about 60 horses at their equivalent to a shelter.

They have about 90 volunteers, are self funded including their stable and pastures, and take no government money. It is interesting to learn how other animal advocacy groups operate. You can watch the film at

February 28, 2017:
Monroe County, TN Mayor's Proclamation reveals dramatic news:
Spay Day Proclamation signed by Monroe County Mayor Tim Yates
reveals some incredible statistics
showing reduction of unwanted puppies and kittens in the county.

Click HERE to read the letter

Spring, 2017 Video:
New Tellico Village Broadcasting Series:
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        > Video

Read all about it:
Pirate Pines for Popcorn (a dog-napping story)

Fall, 2016 Videos:
Tellico Village Naturally Dogs:
Part I
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TV ad ran in Fall, 2016 on Channel 8:
Sponsor a Rescue ... Lucky Dog Show


The cast includes one-time homeless dogs and a cat helping their homeless buddies.
Watch the ad then make a donation and help Monroe County Friends of Animals help
homeless dogs and cats get a second chance.
(Please select a cat or a dog with your donation.)
There's an animal in jeopardy
that you can rescue
$25 Donation
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